Tsuneru notices Oscar playing in his owner's backyard and he asks if he can live at his home with him since he is a stray. Oscar tells him that it's up to his owner and not him which upsets Tsuneru. He is just about to leave when Oscar's owner comes by and sees him with the puppy. Oscar defends him and his owner guesses he wants him to stay so he adopts him and Oscar becomes his adopted son.

Later on that day, while he is saying his last goodbyes to his territory, he notices a very small Tosa puppy named Tsuguka who haves him spend time with her for a while. When she falls asleep, he carries her to a tire and places her inside it, leaving her there.

He is eventually trained to be a fighting dog as well as Oscar, but his new life is inturrupted when a duo of stray dogs comes around looking for him. The strays turn out to be the dogs who hung out with him before Oscar's owner adopted him.