Kagura defeats Kuroryu


Kagura commenting on Oscar's company


Kagura right after he dies

Kagura is a close friend to Oscar. He was born in the territory of the evil Kishu known as Kudie which resulted in his mother being killed. The puppy was nursed by Kudie's mate, Rin who instantly welcomed him when he was kidnapped by Kudie. However, a few months later, he fought Kudie and nearly killed him then escaped his territory. He then wandered into the town where he met Oscar and the two puppies became best friends instantly.

Kagura is adopted by Oscar's owner when he is in need for a fighting dog. He trains him as well as Oscar to fight Tosas at the arena and Kagura's first fight is with the white Tosa, Hideharu. He is almost killed until Oscr appears and saves him. Kagura swears that he'll get revenge and he makes Hideharu leave the arena with a warning: If he ever fights him again, he'll be killed.

He enters the Championship with three dogs, Kuroryu, the wolf, Chisaki, and Masa. He defeats Kuroryu and Chisaki very easily, even using the Shi Supin on Chisaki and ripping the tape off Kuroryu's front paws, but when the time of the fight with Masa comes, he loses for the first time and Oscar is forced to watch his best friend get killed right in front of him. Before he dies, he tells Oscar to be strong and become a good fighting dog.