Hideharu vs. Kagura

Hideharu fighting Kagura

Hideharu is a white Tosa who got his fur color from his father who had some Kishu in his breed. His father died in a Championship fight and he desperately wants to avenge him by defeating his killer, Tsuneru's father, Faita.

Since his days as a puppy, he had the nickname, the "Canine of Snow" in awe of his white fur.

He befriends the wild dog known as Kudie and joins his pack as second-in-command. But when his owner comes by and brings him back home the next day, he is forced to leave Kudie and live as a pet dog again.

A week later, he enters a match with Oscar's best friend, Kagura. He beats him in the first round, but he starts to get tired during the second. In the third round, he grabs Kagura by the neck and pins him down, but he is tired enough to get defeated.

When he fights the legendary Tosa known as Kuroryu the following day, he uses his special attack, the Rapiddo Sukina to kill him.