Hakuba is the younger brother of Tsuneru. He appears as one of the two stray dogs that come to Tsuneru when he's saying goodbye to his territory. When he tells them that he's leaving to live with Oscar, Hakuba tells the other dog, the female, Chisaki to let him go if he wants to and she accepts. He starts crying as he tells his brother that he's allowed to leave and he wants him to visit him whenever he gets a chance. Tsuneru also gets emotianal as he bids goodbye to his brother and friend, but he knows that he'll see them again.

Hakuba appears to Oscar who's about to leave for a fight at the arena and warns him that the fighting dogs are dangerous, but Oscar gets sarcastic and says that he's a fighting dog as well. Though, he still is defensive and follows the young Kishu to the arena. Oscar sends him away when he notices that he was following him and he's never seen again.