Gousuke is a little kai ken puppy who has wolf in his breed because Ookami is his father. Kudie and his followers question him because of his wolflike attitude and his tiger stripes.

When Oscar is about to be killed by Ookami, he jumps at his father and forces him to release the young dog. He is scolded for his actions, but he ignores it and father and son have a fight which he manages to win.

Gousuke hides behind a bush as he watches Howaito Senshi's son, Daisuke get killed by Oscar's first enemy, Freddie. He attacks the rogue boss dog and chases him off as soon as the young wolfdog is murdered. A few minutes later, Ookami appears and rolls down a hill as he catches his son in his paws. The two packs let by Kudie and the wolf, Saikuchi follow him down the hill with their leaders and a crazy fight begins. However, Gousuke fghts back and kills one of Saikuchi's followers, but the rest of the pack don't run away. Oscar and a throng of younger dogs burst out from between the trees and prusue the evil dogs until they all are gone except Ookami. Gousuke tells Oscar that his father is a traitor and he is not a member of his family anymore. He asks him to stay by his side and he agrees. Together, they fight off Ookami and the two young dogs become best friends.