Freddie torturing Oscar for refusing to kill his father

Freddie was Oscar's unfriendly leader when he got kidnapped by his group of stray dogs on the day he was born. He constantly bullied him and never lost a fight with his father when he came to try to win him back. One day, Freddie ordered the puppy to kill his father and he refused to do it. He scolded him by beating him up and throwing his head into the ground. On the day Oscar goes to his new home, he attacks him and doesn't even let him try to fight back. However, a trio of stray Tosas known as Fuan, Hoshi, and Eiiyu who spoil his plans on killing Oscar appear. Freddie bravely fights them, but he loses and gets chased off.

In the next chapter after a snowstorm, he chases the young wolfdog, Daisuke until he catches up to him. He kills Daisuke by stabbing him in the neck with a stick and Fuan, Oscar, and Tsuneru find his body buried in the snow.